About Monolith Development  

Welcome to Monolith Development, Portlandís most innovative real estate management company.  Founded in 1996, our detail oriented staff has over 30 years of asset management experience. Monolith Development offers high quality service and has maintained a reputation of care for the tenants and the properties they occupy.  Our years of combined experience, delivers a proven, concrete approach to management that is unparalleled in the metro area. 

Monolith development is responsible for the successful management of hundreds of thousands of square feet throughout the Portland area.  Our highly trained team of managers and support personnel are experts in the field of industrial construction and building management.  

Monolith Development, Inc. has strived to improve work environments for tenants occupying properties we manage.  Our management and construction experience includes an extensive number properties.  Essentially, who would be better to manage your properties than people who know how it was built.

Properties managed by Monolith have appeared in newspapers and have been the subject of Northwest artists.
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